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New Facebook Profile Picture Images and Meanings:

We are pleased to announce our release of new Facebook page profile images along with the Watch/Warning/Advisory they are tied to. Special thank you to one of our great fans Jeannine for all she has done with these! Explanation: If you see this as our profile picture, you can expect: GREEN: No active alerts. Spring/Summer. YELLOW: Fire…
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Final Call Adjustment: December 11th-12th

Due to incoming data and the shortwave coming is slower then previously modeled an adjustment is needed to our final call map. Click on the area on the map below to see a description. 10 December 2016 2303hr Mauger
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December 11th to 12th Winter Storm

First I would like to say this is an exciting time for Wyoming Valley PA Weather. We have expanded and created our website to better our reach to our fan base and our community. Thank you for your continued support! Winter Storm December 11th to 12th Tomorrow afternoon into the evening a warm front will…
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