Final Call: Winter Storm Tuesday 1/29/2019

A potent low pressure system which would typically be an Alberta Clipper is screaming across the Mid west. The primary Low pressure center will transfer its energy which will monkey branch to the coast and quickly intensify creating mesoscale banding in some areas, thus affecting snowfall totals.

CONUS GOES-16 Infrared satellite courtesy of the University of Wisconsin.


Start: Tuesday 3am-5am morning.

NAM NCEP NAM model shown at 4am Tuesday morning

End: Tuesday 7pm-9pm evening.

- Travel delays throughout Tuesday
- Brutal cold with windchills in the negative 30s after the storm system will create life threatening conditions.
- Ambient air temperatures will be between -5 and -10.

Arctic Cold Blast:
After Tuesdays storm temperatures will plummet well into the negatives and windchills into the negative 20-35s. This will cause life threatening cold which can cause hypothermia in a matter of minutes.

GFS Wind Chill map for Thursday morning (1/31/2019)

Final Call snow fall totals for Tuesday 1/29/2019:
*** First call map stands as called***

Use Google Maps to zoom/click on your area to see your forecasted snowfall amount.


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