First Call: 2/11/19 – 2/13/19

NOAA GOES-EAST Water Vapor view

Our winter storm low pressure system is currently tracking through the west. Over the next 24-48 hours its forecasted track is to deepen through the plains as its pulled northeast. The system which is a "Miller B" storm will push through with a primary low pressure north west of Pennsylvania. Due to coastal interactions a secondary low will developed off the eastern seaboard. Depending on the time and location of the coastal low development precipitation type can vary from higher snow amounts to higher ice accretion. While the uncertainty exists at this time, we are pretty sure of the system producing heavy snowfall initially then a change over to freezing rain/sleet.

Start Monday evening between 9pm and 11pm

NCEP NAM Simulated Radar shown at 7:00pm Monday

Changeover from Snow to Freezing Rain/Sleet:
Tuesday between 10am-12pm

NCEP NAM Simulated Radar shown at 1:00pm Tuesday

Wednesday morning between 9am-11am

NCEP NAM Simulated Radar shown 7:00pm Tuesday evening
Use Google Maps to zoom/click on your area to see your forecasted snowfall amount.

Final Call will be issued Monday 2/11/19 at 1pm.


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