WVPAW Mobile App

Wyoming Valley PA Weather is happy to announce the release of our mobile app. Version 1.0 (Beta) is available for iOS and Android.

Get it Here!

iOS Instructions:

Apple requires you to "Trust" the developer from apps which aren't downloaded from the "App Store".
Setting>General>Device Management>Select "Trust" on "Ons Interactive Solution"

What can we can do with this App Service?

With our initial release the App Service gives you weather updates, forecasts, Article posts, and quick access to our Facebook and Twitter feed.

We look to add future services such as Warnings, Watches, and Advisories as well as severe weather alert notifications in the future!

We need your help though:

We offer our services free of charge and we want to keep it this way. However, in order to get you all the quickest most accurate forecasts as well as more innovations such as the website and now the app costs are becoming more cumbersome in the financial department.

To break this down our team pays out of pocket for these expenses for you, the fans.
Weather Model Subscriptions: $30 per Month
Website/Hosting: $25 per Month
Contest items (IE Thermometers/Rain Gauges): $20-50 every quarter.

Here's what we would do with your donations:

Mobile App advancement. With this newer technology to us, we can do a lot with an app. For a yearly cost of $500 we would be able to white box our app with a slew of options for you the fans. The most important and we think best option is give you immediate notification alerts that would come straight to your phone when there is a severe weather situation (Watches, Warning, Advisory etc).

Website advancement, while we able to get our website fully functional we would like to completely revamp it. Doing so will give you a responsive theme with up to the minute forecasts and location based services.

How can you help us?

We have started a GoFundMe Campaign!

Or VIA Paypal!

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